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Behavior Chart Examples

How to Use Behavior Charts

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Using behavior charts can be rewarding for kids. Behavior charts help kids learn how to control difficult behaviors as well as keep track of daily routines, chores and tasks! Don't forget to have fun and involve your child in the process as much as possible. Below you'll find some examples of how to use a behavior chart, chore chart and potty training chart. For additional tips, visit Using Behavior Charts, Using Potty Training Charts, and How to Motivate Kids with Behavior Charts. Click on the chart below to view it. A brief explanation is written on each chart.   If you have any questions about using behavior charts or tackling some difficult behavior, feel free to drop us a line! If you have a particular chart you would like to see on this example page, let us know!

Behavior Chart Example

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Chore Chart with Points Example

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Potty Training Chart Example

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