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Free Printable Behavior Charts and Reward Charts for Kids!

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Free Printable Behavior Charts

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Printable behavior charts, chore charts, and potty charts for home and school. Reward charts can reinforce and encourage new and positive behavior as well as remind kids to do chores or homework. Behavior charts can also help curb and discourage negative behavior. Before starting a behavior chart, we suggest that you read our article on How to Use Behavior Charts. We also have a page of Example Behavior Charts to give you an idea of how to use a behavior chart, a point system and a potty training chart. You can search for a specific character here! We are happy to make up charts or adapt charts. This is free! Just drop us a line!

General Behavior Charts

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Behavior Charts for Ages 3+
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Behavior charts that work well to target only one behavior

Single Behavior Charts
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Step-by-Step Charts with Popular Characters
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Behavior Charts designed for Specific Behaviors

Chore Charts

(any of our general behavior charts can be used as a chore chart)

Chore Charts for Ages 4-10 - Popular Characters
Chore Charts for Ages 4-10 - Plain
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Chore Charts that Kids Can Color
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Health & Hygiene Behavior Charts

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Behavior Charts to Track Daily Routines, Pet Care, Instrument Practice & Saving Money

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Feeling Charts, Emotional Tracking & Problem Solving Worksheets and Resources

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Behavior Contracts and Goal Setting

Behavior Contracts
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Behavior Charts for Teachers & Students

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Potty Training Charts

Potty training charts with Popular Characters
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Picture Cards & Daycare Charts

Picture Cards
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Color by Number Behavior Charts, Holiday

Color by Number Behavior Charts
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