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Raising Helpful Kids-10 Great Chores For Teens and Tweens

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From tweens to teens, the rigors of daily schedules increase leaving less time at home to help with chores. While it is important not to overwhelm your teenager with too much, he or she should not be completely off the hook when it comes to helping out around the house. Following are 10 great chores for your tween or teen:

  • 1. Watch younger siblings on occasion
  • 2. Help out with the laundry (load the washer and dryer, fold clothes, put clothes away)
  • 3. Take out the trash and organize the recycled goods
  • 4. Cook a simple meal
  • 5. Do yard work (mowing, weeding, etc.)
  • 6. Make their bed and straighten their room
  • 7. Handle the after dinner clean up (rinse dishes and load them in the dishwasher)
  • 8. Vacuum
  • 9. Clean the windows
  • 10. Sweep the driveway, garage, deck or patio

When introducing your tween or teen to a new chore, be sure to:

Explain. For example, explain why clothing needs to be sorted by color prior to washing, and what is meant by loading the washer evenly. Nothing is too basic to explain. Remember not to talk down to your tween or teen - teach don't lecture.

Demonstrate. Show your tween or teen that "vacuuming the family room" means vacuuming the carpet, removing the couch cushions to vacuum crumbs, putting the cushions back, then switching vacuum attachments for the woodwork. Show them where cleaning supplies are kept.

Praise. Compliment your tween or teen regularly and often to encourage ongoing great work.

A tween or teen that can handle chores at home will be better equipped to handle a job when the time comes. Tasks that he or she is responsible for at this age will prepare him or her for life on their own. Everyone in the family should have the responsibility of helping on the home front daily. Engage your kids to help run the household so everyone in the family reaps the benefits.

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