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What To Do If Your Children Are Afraid Of The Dark

child in bed

Many children, for various reasons are afraid of the dark. This maybe be for any multitude of reasons. Children in their inexperience, have vivid imaginations and can become fearful of the dark & the many unknowns associated with the dark. We all remember the strange creaks that can be heard at night when things are exceptionally quiet. Or what about the weird shadows, and moving figures created by bouncing headlights from cars on a nearby road shining in a bedroom on a wall. These things are enough to make some adults uneasy, let alone children!

So what do you do if this is the case with your child?

Well, there are a few simple steps that can be taken to help to put your children at ease when night time or bed time comes.

Walk hand in hand with your child and look through the entire bedroom. Look under beds, in closets, behind objects etc. to show your child that there is nothing to be afraid of like monsters, etc.

Leave your bedroom door open as well as your child's bedroom door at night so they do not feel so alone or confined.

Close closet doors etc in child's bedroom. This will make them feel more at ease. Place a night light in their bedroom for when they sleep at night so it isn't such a dark experience. the light will make the feel more at ease.

In some cases, provide them with a stuffed toy to sleep with at night. This way they will feel secure knowing they are not alone but have a cuddly friend with them.

Sometimes, some warm milk before bed will do the trick in making them sleep , quicker, and more soundly.

In some cases there may be times where you play some relaxing, upbeat music (softly) that will keep them occupied until they fall asleep.

It is also good to reinforce with your children that you will see them in the morning. This will make them feel reassured that they will see 'Mommy' & 'daddy' in the morning.

No doubt there are different strategies in order to deal with children over coming their fear of the dark. These are a few really good ideas to assist in helping your children have a good nights sleep with out it affecting you, or your sleep.